Tarptautinis protestas!

stop barnevernet ideology

Tarptautinis protestas!

PRANEŠIMAS: 2019.09.07 d. 12-14 val. Europoje bus organizuojama tarptautinė pasipriešinimo akcija prieš vaikų teisių mafiją. Sąjunga “Vardan šeimos” ketina prisidėti prie šios akcijos ir surengti piketus prie prezidentūros, seimo rūmų ir vyriausybės. Jei palaikote šią idėją ir norite prisidėti prie šios akcijos, daugiau info tel. +370 61474768


We, 130 000 Bulgarian parents, members of the National Group “No to the National Strategy for the Child 2019-2030,” stand together against the implementation of the Barnevernet ideology in Bulgaria and we are in full support of the Norwegian parents as well as all the others across the world, participating in this battle.

On the 7th September, a NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PROTEST will be held under the heading: “Stop Barnevernet Ideology!”.

In Bulgaria the PROTEST will take place in almost all major towns, but the main ones will be IN FRONT OF THE CONSULATES of Norway in Sofia and Varna! We are expecting international support in protest from other countries (the exact information will be updated daily).

=================== PROTESTS ===================

Protests in Bulgaria
– Sofia – in front of the building of the National Assembly at 11:00 a.m. From the gathering point we will continue towards the Norwegian Consulate where we are going to get around 12:00a.m.
– Varna – in front of the Norwegian Consulate at 12:00a.m.
– Pazardjik – 12:00 in front of the Municipality / https://www.facebook.com/events/1267153733445164/
– Burgas – 12:00 in front of the Municipality /https://www.facebook.com/events/488846665013824/

Protest in Norway
– Oslo – in front of the Parliament at 12:00 a.m.

Protest in Italy
– /awaiting information any moment now/

Protest in Russia
– /awaiting information any moment now/

Protest in the USA
– /awaiting information any moment now/

IMPORTANT! If you are out of the territory of Bulgaria and wish to participate in the protest from the country you are presently in, please contact us! Together we are stronger!

================= PETITIONS =====================

Please sign our petitions in support:

– SIGN: American children kidnapped by Norway’s Barnevernet:

Please, contact and support us!
НАЦИОНАЛНА ГРУПА НЕ НА СТРАТЕГИЯТА ЗА ДЕТЕТО 2019-2030! and https://daspasimdecatanabulgaria.com/

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